Safae Cosmetics

Safae cosmetics is located in Ottawa, Orleans area. We specialize in 100% natural hand crafted skin care products inspired by Moroccan beauty rituals.

Why Choose Us?

We promise Organic, Vegan, Toxin-free and therapeutic natural products in their raw form, no additional coloring or fluff. That way you can focus on choosing the scent you like.

Your soaps smell so great!! Not only do I get the treat of the aroma when I shower, but the smell fills my bathroom. My skin is left with a soft feeling right away and my boyfriend can't keep his hands off of me.Thank you Safae Cosmetics!

Jenna Collins
Loyal customer

About Us

Safae McLellan


In September 2014 I started Safae Cosmetics. The idea was to share my passion about natural skincare. Going through pharmacy aisles, I was shocked to find out that all the products we use on our bodies from soaps to makeup were basically exposing us to synthetic chemicals and toxins. I used to be guilty myself of choosing my shower soap by how pretty the package was and knowing little on the ingredients used and how harmful they were to my skin. So, I’ve had enough and decided to make my own! My belief is that choosing natural isn’t a trend but a necessity. All ingredients I use were carefully chosen and sourced from around the world. Many through connections I have in Morocco.